I am the chocolate stuck in your teeth;

Won’t go down without a good fight!


I am the itching in your feet;

The one that troubles you, then tickles you!


I am the ‘Why not?’ in your mind;

The little white angel sitting on your shoulder.


I am the words in your head;

Articulating the trivial phenomena that you fail to acknowledge.


I am a bundle of questions;

Enough to make you knock your temple.


I am Meredith Grey;

The last two minutes of deep thought that touch your soul.


I am the wind that brushes your hair;

The buoyancy of water that takes all the weight.


I am the saint;

With self- righteous morals for inhibitions.


I am a dancer;

Twitch just for that perfect moment when my hair flies at a perfect angle!


I am the straight face;

With the most turbulent emotions.


I am the confusion who lives in a mess;

Hell bent on redefining old norms.


I am randomness personified;

Looking for acceptance to the unconventional.


I am the sweet smile;

Coupled with a soft delivery of scornful words.


I am the rebel;

Who enjoys the subsequent discomfort.


I am your creepy blogger with the most clichéd title;

I AM.          



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