Well, this is India! Business is possible from any dimension. This article will actually prove: if there is a will, there is a way! This one is in response to my Granny’s request to hunt for a Panditji for the upcoming festive season.

Who could have ever thought that there could be a website to mobilise all the Pandits in the town and use their services to conduct a successful Puja. The founders of (WMP) definitely exemplify the epitome of an entrepreneur’s creativity by launching this one of a kind project.

‘Welcome to one stop solution for Puja Samagri and Pandit services’, reads their website in the traditional Puja colour of Orange. This is followed by a list of upcoming religious events along with attractive offers to hold different combinations of Pujas- for instance, Ganpati Puja with/without Visarjan has separate rates. With every Puja, the disclaimer mentions an upper limit for date to book the Pandit. Apart from this, a list of Puja Samagri provided by is also mentioned alongside a list of items which need to be arranged by the client. They also guarantee to match the client’s language requirements with the Pandit. Now, who can resist exploring such an innovative concept! So my search continued.

A dedicated team of professionals has been put in place for the convenience of the customers. This is somewhat similar to a wedding planner. The team deals every aspect of the Puja from scratch; right from booking the pandit, arranging the samagris, booking the venue, decorating the puja premises to managing the Prasad for the puja.

E- Puja is one concept which I personally wish to applaud! Life could not get easier for a Bhakt living abroad! As the name suggests, it is an online branch of the Puja business that is carried out through video conferences between the client and the Pandit. With the help of a mere internet connection, laptop, webcam, microphone and speakers the devotee can hope to establish a stronger bond with the almighty. Classified on the basis of who conducts the Puja, there are broadly three kinds of E-Puja services offered: Bilateral Puja (both Pandit and client), Yajmaan’s Puja 9the client alone with step by step assistance) and WMP’s Puja (the Pandit alone).

The last but not the least is their service to guide the client in organizing a Tirtha Yatra around the country. It highlights the significance of every yatra along with a simplified itinerary of the destinations to be covered coupled with the temples to be visited.

The booming e-commerce industry in India knows no bounds. Websites like Grofers and now WMP seek to make consumer’s lives stress free at the cost of a lump-sum monetary payment. In today’s competitive world, where consumers are busy working hard to rise to higher positions, time is money! These apps/websites take time constraint as their target problem and come up with ingenious solutions. The services provided by them are either extremely essential (in case of Grofers for monthly grocery shopping) or so infrequent (in case of Pujas that are organized only during the festive season) that the consumer does not even think twice before adding items to their shopping cart! These ventures have tremendous scope for success since they create a win-win situation for the buyer as well as the seller.


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