Looking at life, mathematically

Emotions, hey are you there?

Or its just the stupid feelings that pile up the air.

Life is a matrix table,

Where you have to dive in the pool with a harness cable.

It’s only a scalar quantity,

As we lack direction and ability.

Keep on turning the chapters,

Unless your life emerges as the vectors.

Discover the mystery, turn your back to the facts,

Another world of fairies, fiction, philosophy awaits with witchcraft hats.

Nothing else than love should tend to infinity,

After all in this world it’s the only function of gaiety.

Happiness is not always a continuous function,

Keep walking until you are at the junction.

So now we have many roads to dance upon,

for efficiency choose the one with least distance to trek on.

Integration of hearts is important,

Because valentine is not few’s patent.

Being affectionate is an art ,

Oops Mr. Millionare, it’s not available in the nearby mart.

Tensions are stupid, high on investment, low on interest,

Stop fretting you look frust.

Buddy,time is running out,

Show me your pout.

Let’s get done with a selfie,

Don’t you remember, we are in a race of being wealthy.



Note: All content copyright of Misha


About the writer:

Misha is an Economics (Hons.) student at LSR. She loves relating classroom concepts to life and works on the principle of positivity, which keeps her motivated and energetic for the ever coming challenges. Apart from writing, she enjoys participating in sports.



5 thoughts on “Looking at life, mathematically

  1. I never thought looking at life through a mathematical lens would be so pleasant. More power to the writer, always! ❤️


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